Weekly Classes


10:30 - Gentle - Tiffany 

5:45 - $5 Flow - Audrey 

7:30 - Hot Vinyasa - Lindsay


10:30 - Slow Flow - Alisha 

5:45 - Vinyasa - Mollie 

7:30 - Hot BUTI - Mollie


8:45 - Slow Flow - Tiffany

10:30 - Gentle - Tiffany 

5:45 - Core Vinyasa - Tiffany

7:30 - BUTI - Aleece


10:30 - Slow Flow - Alisha

6:00 - Barre - Bailey

7:30 - Hot Vinyasa - Bailey


8:45 - Slow Flow - Tiffany

10:30 - Gentle - Tiffany


8:45 - Slow Flow - Tiffany

10:30 - Hot Vinyasa - Tiffany


8:45 - Gentle - Alisha

10:30 - Vinyasa - Alisha


our offerings

Retreats + Events


Take your practice to the next level by joining us in Puerto Rico in the winter, or Lavender Hill Farm in the summer. We love to collaborate with other creative souls, which is reflected in our events schedule. Belly dance, healing circles, the yoga nerd book club and more. We are always looking for ways to learn, heal and grow together. Click here 

Be the love Yoga Teacher Training


Deepen your practice and inspire your community. Take a transformational journey that will improve your over all well being. Learn to cultivate sacred space and compassion in this yoga teacher training. Become deeply committed to your yoga healing journey so you may guide others on their's. Learn more at bethelove.com

healing arts


We are here to guide and support you on your healing journey. Whether it be with private yoga instruction, reiki, integrated positional release therapy or sound healing. Supporting the client on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. At Yoga Roots a variety of healing arts therapies are utilized to find optimum health. Click here for more info

Our Community

Social + Podcast


Subscribe to our podcast, rate and review us. The intention of the podcast is to support a home practice for our students, and to cultivate a sense of our yoga community. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Check in to win on social media.



We are blessed to have an incredible staff of yoga instructors and a committed support team. Our strong and compassionate teachers bring a sense of grace to our yoga studio. To learn more about these powerhouses click their names on our software. 

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specials + pricing


This yoga studio was created with the intention of cultivating community.  We hold that sacred space together. Taking time to heal and practice self care is essential to balance and wellbeing. It is beautiful how we inspire and support one another. Click here for more info

5 day beach yoga + sound healing retreat

treat yourself

Tiffany is excited to share her happy place with you. This nourishing retreat is a collaboration with fellow yogini and sound healer, Lisa Hakim, of Namastuy Healing Collective in Brooklyn, New York.

puerto rico dreaming

because you're worth it

March 5th - 9th