Healing Arts with tiffany

Yoga Instruction

Yoga poses (asana) and breathing techniques (pranayama) have been empowering people to heal for thousands of years. These trusted practices support healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Learn how to support your healing path with your very own practice of self-care. Expect to learn exercises specific to your needs, which will help keep your body, mind and spirit in balance.

positional release

Is a gentle and effective treatment for chronic muscular pain and for increasing range of motion. This healing art uses facilitated stretches and gentle massage to bring muscles into a position of relaxation where deeply held tensions are released. Pain relief is often immediate and long lasting. Expect to learn practical stretches and thoughtful postural suggestions to use in your day-to-day life to keep yourself pain free and at ease. This style of bodywork is done fully-clothed on a massage table.

Reiki Master

This Healing Art allows for a deep relaxation of mind and spirit by instilling a sense of peace in the present moment. Reiki is an opportunity to experience the feelings of unconditional love and acceptance where space is held for emotional release, as well as, deep rest. It supports the healing of physical and emotional wounds. The Reiki practitioner's hands can either float above or be placed gently upon the body. Clients are fully clothed on a massage table, optional blanket and lavender eye pillow.

Sound healing

Lay back and relax while receiving the sounds of antique Tibetan singing bowls, alchemy quarts crystal singing bowls, and Chinese gongs. Words always fall short in describing the kind of euphoria and transformation that can be felt from a soundsession. These healing vibrations will touch every cell of your physical body while balancing you energetically, spiritually and emotionally. Clients are fully clothed on a massage table, optional blanket and lavender eye pillow.

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