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What if I have never done yoga before?  We are happy to support you, beginner and gentle classes are a great place to start.  Yoga meets you where you are, poses are easily modified and can be practiced by students of all ages, fitness levels and body types. 

What do I wear? Clothing that is comfortable so you can move freely. Layers are nice and allow you to regulate your body temperature for the cool down and relaxation at the end of class.

Do I need to reserve space? No, it is not necessary to reserve space. We do encourage students to arrive early, 5-15 minutes early to get settled in and have some time to center yourself before class starts. (Peak summer time, July and August, it is especially good to arrive early).

Can I sign up and reserve classes online? Yes, some students prefer to register before hand and our online sign-up makes it simple. If planing ahead and reserving your spot in class encourages you to be accountable to your practice please feel free to reserve. 

Of note: Our door is locked at the beginning of class. This keeps student's belongings safe and prevents interruption from deliveries and inquiries. Please take weather conditions into consideration when leaving home. We are open on snow days and do not close due to weather conditions, just give yourself plenty of time to get here safely. 

Do I need any equipment? We offer clean, high quality mats and props at no extra cost. You are welcome to bring your own if you like, but it is not necessary.

class descriptions listed from easiest to most challenging



A comfortable rejuvenating flow for all ages + ability levels. Peaceful, meditative with a focus on breath, balance + body awareness. Beginners welcome, practice is modifiable.

*slow flow

Slow progressive sequences + longer, deeper holds. Poses build one upon the next offering students the opportunity to modify or advance. Beginners welcome, practice is modifiable.


Ballet inspired lower body work + isolated holds. Intense, low impact full body workout. Coupled with yogic stretching to create long, lean muscles. Beginners welcome, practice is modifiable.

vinyasa + hot vinyasa + Core strength

Fast paced classes designed to build strength + endurance. Vigorous yoga flows can be challenging, experience encouraged. Students may take breaks + poses can be modified.


A high intensity fusion of yoga, tribal dance + plyometrics. Previous yoga experience required.

kids yoga

Kids yoga with Ms Kate happens on Thursdays at 4:00 during the school year.

If you think you can't do yoga because...

old injury, have a joint replacement, haven't exercised in a while

old injury, have a joint replacement, haven't exercised in a while

old injury, have a joint replacement, haven't exercised in a while

Yoga meets you right where you are. All poses are easily modified to accommodate each individual body, regardless of age, ability or fitness level. There is no better way to ensure comfortable healthy aging than lubricating each major joint through full range of motion on a regular basis. Yoga strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves immune function and calms the nervous system. It keeps you young, strong, and pain free.

Not Flexible Enough?

old injury, have a joint replacement, haven't exercised in a while

old injury, have a joint replacement, haven't exercised in a while

You have the most to gain! When you practice yoga, you will increase your body’s range of motion and flexibility. You will feel the benefits of gained flexibility immediately and leave each class feeling lighter because of it. 

Also, keep in mind that all bodies are different and so many factors determine flexibility. For example, old injuries, bone and muscle structure, muscular patterns from exercise or inactivity. Every body comes to yoga with a different story. 

Intimidated by group classes

Intimidated by group classes

Intimidated by group classes

Feel free to schedule a private lesson so you become familiar with the poses and the teacher. Once you are feeling confident you can easily join a group class. Or maybe you are feeling braver already and feel like starting today by coming in and taking any slow flow or gentle class. This is fine too, we get beginners all the time and would be delighted for you to share your first experience with us. We all started somewhere!

Yoga Is too Easy

Intimidated by group classes

Intimidated by group classes

If you are an athlete and you think yoga is to slow or not challenging enough, we invite you to try our barre, buti, vinyasa or core strength classes. We are confident you will find a new definition of strength and agility. You will also discover that yoga will enhance your endurance and confidence in the sports and activities you already enjoy. Our fast paced power and barre classes are the perfect cross training for any athlete.

Here are a few Details that set our studio apart

Sacred Space

Yoga Roots and Healing Arts was founded on the idea of creating a safe and sacred space. An inclusive, non-judgmental community where students could heal, learn and grow. Compassion is our intention. We happily support all ages, genders, body types and fitness levels. Our well trained staff uses intelligent alignment to keep all bodies safe and comfortable when practicing. Come as you are we are here to take care of you. 

Quality Props

We have clean and sanitized top-of-the-line yoga mats. Most of our clients don't bother with lugging their mat to class because ours are so nice. Since we work to accommodate everyone we are fully equipped with blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, and even lavender eye pillows. All equipment is provided at no extra cost. 

Sound healing

Our studio offers sound healing during savasana (the end of class relaxation). We have a collection of antique Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, alchemy crystal singing bowls and wind chimes.  These sounds will take you to a place of deep peace beyond your daily concerns.

Deeper Roots

The roots of yoga are deeper than just the poses (asana). The original intention of the asana practice is to prepare the body for meditation, enlightenment, deeper states of being and for getting to know our true and authentic selves. Since we know the wisdom of yoga is found through meditation and deeper states of consciousness, we make time for relaxation at the end of every practice. This is where teachers share sound healing, yoga nidra, various styles of breath work and meditation. It is important that we offer opportunities and teach methods to empower our students to cultivate inner peace. 

Yoga Teacher Training

We are home to a yoga teacher training school. There is a real commitment to learning, you can expect to explore more than the asana. Our practice expands off our mats and into the way we think, feel and how we can heal and empower our lives.