We gather to raise the collective vibration + cultivate community through yoga, meditation, music + the healing arts.

self-care for the whole family


Yoga for all

Our intention is inclusivity, to bring many paths and traditions of yoga together to share their wisdom. A deepening of the roots of our community as whole. We offer a variety of classes that allow for all levels of students to practice.


Sacred music for your soul, Kirtan + Sound Healing are the focus of the weekend. "Nada Yoga" is the yoga of sound. Discover the power of your voice in Kirtan and the grace in your stillness with Sound Healing.


Meditation is a practice, not a perfect. You may discover that your meditation practice grows with you. It's important to empower ourselves by learning different practices. Finding the right style of meditation that works for you can be challenging, having a community to support the process really helps!

healing Arts

We have hand picked Healing Artists to support you on your healing journey. This is an opportunity to be nourished in well deserved self-care. Spend quality time in the hands of healers.

The farm + our gracious hosts

Tim, Missy and Will are our hosts at the "Sol of the Lost Tamarack" home to two Michigan music festivals, SOL + Grateful Deadwood. The farm is the perfect setting for our festival. 

little yogis are our future

The founder of this festival started her yoga practice at age 14. She feels very strongly that the sooner youngsters learn yoga the better. So, we have excellent kids programs to peak their interest, conveniently timed so parents can attend class. We also have a scavenger hunt for dragon eggs which keeps them busy while acquainting them with our property. 


Invest in self care + nourish your spirit:

August 7th - 9th 2020

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