Tiffany Lenau
Best Yoga Instructor
Readers Choice 2011 & 2012
Northern Express

Yoga Roots & Healing Arts
Best Yoga Studio
Red Hot Best 2011
Traverse Magazine 

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Our studio is open to anyone at any level. You need no previous knowledge or to purchase any equipment. Come as you are, we will take care of the rest.  

Tiffany Lenau,

Founder & Instructor
Sacred space for healing, peace & presence in our community.
(enter through back alley) 444 E Mitchell St Petoskey MI 49770  (call or text) 231.838.8992
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Your first 30 days for $30
- New students, mat and equipment provided - 

If you think you can't do yoga because...

You have an old injury, are overweight, have had a knee or hip replacement, haven't exercised in a while
Yoga meets you right where you are. All poses are easily modified to accommodate each individual body, regardless of age, ability or fitness level. There is no better way to ensure comfortable healthy aging than lubricating each major joint through full range of motion on a regular basis. Yoga strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves immune function and calms the nervous system. It keeps you young, strong, and pain free.

You are not flexible enough
You have the most to gain! When you practice yoga, you will increase your body’s range of motion and flexibility. You will feel the benefits of gained flexibility immediately and leave each class feeling lighter because of it.

Your are intimidated by group classes
Feel free to schedule a private lesson so you become familiar with the poses and the teacher. Once you are feeling confident you can easily join a group class…. Or maybe you are feeling braver already and feel like starting today by coming in and taking any beginner or gentle class. This is fine too, we get beginners all the time and would be delighted for you to share your first experience with us. We all started somewhere!

Yoga is too easy
If you are an athlete and you think yoga is to slow or not challenging enough, we invite you to try our vinyasa or core strength classes. We are confident you will find a new definition of strength and agility. You will also discover that yoga will enhance your endurance and confidence in the sports and activities you already enjoy.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga, Every Body can. In fact it might be JUST what you need!

"Simply put, yoga has changed my life. I have always been intrigued by the practice, but spent much of my life engaging in more conventional forms of exercise. I have run countless races, and finished my first marathon last year. Having hit a physical and emotional plateau, I decided to try yoga. I had gone to a couple classes in the past, but had never given the practice a fair chance to take hold in my life. The changes I have felt almost immediately are beyond compare. Not only is Vinyasa a phenomenal physical workout, I have found a peace and clarity that I did not know existed. I am continuously discovering the potential that yoga and meditation bring to my life and the life of those around me. It is a beautiful thing and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity that my intuition has provided me."

-Beccy Stevenson

“I achieved yoga bliss through the guidance of the talented women at Yoga Roots.  My bliss took a while to achieve, six months of practice. Yoga and diet have given me the best body I have had in 30 years. I smile more and have a lighter step all day after a good core work out. Beginner and gentle yoga have given me a mental peace. My knees do not hurt and I have experienced relief from back pain. So if you are overweight with high blood pressure or any sort of challenge, I urge you to give yoga a try.”
- Dan Adams

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